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Driving Me Mental…At School

This week found me back in school! I hosted a thought provoking session with a group of year 11s, at a school which has me back year on year. This is an important stage in career development, these kids are preparing to take a leap onto a path of their own choosing. Tune in to…

Driving Me Mental – Part 2

Welcome back to Driving Me Mental, a sneak peek behind the scenes of my day to day Trained Brain schedule. This week found me in an office with one of the best views in the sporting world…hands down! Can you guess where? It is always great to catch up with performance coaching clients and see…

Driving Me Mental

Welcome to Driving Me Mental, on the road with Jamie Edwards. I want to give you an insight into my life and business, so that you can follow my movements around the Globe and see just how the Trained Brain operates. This video explains more, watch this space for future updates and please feel free…

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